Thursday, 12 December 2013

Philipp Reisdorff and Heinrich Evers

Philipp Reisdorff
(1889-1963 Cologne)

German painter, teacher and printmaker 

Recently these 3 prints turned up in Ebay: not a bargain but the Leopard sold.  The other two were relisted. They were created in 1919 and I think nice enough to share here because of the original approach. I’d never heard of this artist before but in Cologne he was famous enough to be awarded an exhibition in Cologne with a book in 1994. Besides these three prints I wasn't able finding any other examples. 

But one of his, maybe most achieved students I’d met before: 

Heinrich Evers

Münsterland printmaker 

very popular for decades and to this day in beautifull and friendly Münsterland (Westfalia) Germany for depicting local scenery, monuments and villages. Evers met Reisdorff during WWI and he encouraged him in making woodcut prints. An advice enabling Evers to make a living from his printmaking the rest of his life. Visiting the great historic provincial city of Münster and it's nice surroundings you'll stumble over his decorative and skillful prints in every antiques shop. 
A quick Google survey will turn up many more prints but here're three of my favorite ones.   


  1. I think the leopard is the best of the three, because of the inventive use it makes of the landscape format. Reisdorff is certainly an obscure artist - the 1994 book and exhibition don't seem to have raised his profile at all.

    1. Ebay keeps washing these obscured printmakers ashore. Evers I've discovered last year in Münster and know the two merged into my archive. Thanks for stopping by.

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    1. It's the best feeling in the world being insanely in love Lilly. I feel honored and very happy in my role as matchmaker.

  3. What is the URL for the ebay listing?


  4. Thanks, Gerrie -- I don't know if you know this, but when I do a search on ebay, even if I have specified that the search be worldwide, it is not. Nor do i SEEM TO BE ABLE TO GO DIRECTLY TO ANY OF THE OTHER EBAYS IN THE WORLD. oops One thing I noticed was that in the general category to which this print belongs, I would guess that there was FAR more erotica than would be in the same catagory in the US ebay!

  5. Lilly, send me you email please ( I smeem to have lost all old contacts after a crash and have transferred to Apple since. Try googling, that'll bring you to the German Ebay. I wonder about the erotica………..Nothing wrong with erotica but I wonder where the differences may derive from. I mean cultural and merchandise wise. The stork prints is still there.
    I experienced the same problems with Ebay. My queries not always opening up (all) international offers. I've forwarded a personal contact to you about Pedro the Lemos and a most delightful Japanese bound book on design. From your area.